Friday, April 19, 2019
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.

Bulletin Board



  • The Ad Council has decided to maintain the 10:00 am service time with one service until further notice. We will be having several guest preachers for this period due to Rev. Thompson's illness. Our Adult Sunday School class  will meet at 8:30. Check here for further updates as they occur.
  • Altar Floral:  We have an easy opportunity to provide a floral arrangement -- there are envelopes in the church foyer where for a very reasonable cost (thanks Aaron!) a floral arrangement can be provided to commemorate an occasion or in memory of a loved one.
  • Adult Sunday School will begin a new study of Isaiah and Jeremiah on March 24. Time will continue to meet at  8:30 am.
  • Rev. Carol Thompson announced at worship on Feb. 24 that she has decided to continue treatment for her cancer although surgery has yet to be scheduled. The plan at this time is for her to undergo surgery with about a 2 month recovery time followed by another 2 month regimen of chemotherapy. Prayers are welcome although she will be quite focused on recovery for some time following her surgery and during the chemotherapy and recovery.